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Breevy: A text expander that lets you insert long words or phrases and launch apps, websites, and more just by typing abbreviations.
IcyScreen: Automatic screenshots. Have them saved, e-mailed, and uploaded.

IcyScreen -- the new name for AutoScreen

Just to let everyone know, AutoScreen is now known as IcyScreen.

Not only does the new name look cooler (by the by, if you're wondering what the "Icy" is supposed to mean... think "I see") but it's also more unique and it'll make finding the program easier.

Of course, if you've already purchased AutoScreen you can still use IcyScreen. They're both exactly the same products right now, it's just that from now on we'll only be developing it under the IcyScreen name.

Posted by Patrick on May 12, 2009 at 7:38pm | 0 Comments
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FilterKeys is definitely... interesting.

If you're like me, likely you've accidentally enabled FilterKeys in Windows at least once in your lifetime. To enable FilterKeys, you have to hold in the right Shift key for at least 8 seconds -- I usually do this when I'm about to start a sentence (with a capital letter, of course) and then pause to think about what I actually want to type.

After you hold the key in for about 8 seconds, a dialog pops up (and your computer speaker beeps) asking you if you'd like to keep FilterKeys enabled or not -- you're supposed to press "OK" if you want to keep it enabled, or "Cancel" if you don't want to keep it enabled.

Well, every single time this dialog pops up, I click "Cancel" to disable FilterKeys, and something funky happens. If I type without holding down the Shift key, all letters show up in uppercase; if I type with the Shift key held down, all letters are made lowercase instead of uppercase. Oddly enough, FilterKeys apparently has nothing to do with the Shift key in any way; according to the description in Control Panel -> Accessibility Options, FilterKeys is to be enabled "if you want Windows to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes, or slow the repeat rate".

Usually I need to reboot in order to fix this -- disabling it in the Control Panel does nothing for me -- but I just discovered (by reading the StickyKeys description, actually) that if you press in both Shift keys at once, things go back to normal again.

Definitely weird. I just disabled the shortcut under Control Panel -> Accessibility Options -> FilterKeys -> Settings, so hopefully it won't be happening again anytime soon.

Posted by Patrick on May 7, 2009 at 9:25pm | 0 Comments
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