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Special-key "pressing" support added to Breevy.

One of the cool features added to Breevy 2.30 (released today) is the %(Key), %(KeyDown), and %(KeyUp) macros, which allow you to instruct Breevy to simulate "special" key presses like the Home key, the Insert and Delete key, the Ctrl, Alt, and Escape keys, etc.

Letters, numbers, and other characters could already be typed by Breevy when their corresponding abbreviation was typed by the user (for more on how Breevy works, and how it can help you get things typed much faster, click here). Prior to v2.30, however, key combinations and keys that don't display a character when typed -- Ctrl, Alt, etc -- couldn't be, because there was no way for them to be represented in an abbreviation's replacement text field.

But with the addition of the %(Key), %(KeyDown), and %(KeyUp) macros, now you can instruct Breevy to press those special keys and key combos.

For example:

  • %(Key Ctrl+Alt+H) tells Breevy to press Ctrl, Alt, and H simultaneously

  • %(Key Ctrl+Tab 10) tells Breevy to press Ctrl and Tab simultaneously a total of 10 times

  • %(KeyDown Alt)01234%(KeyUp Alt) tells Breevy to simulate a press and hold of the Alt key down. Breevy will then type '01234' and then simulate a lift ("keyup") of the Alt key

  • Hello!%(Key Ctrl+A+C) tells Breevy to type Hello!, then simulate a press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C -- effectively causing the word Hello! to be selected and copied to the clipboard

For more info, just press F2 while in Breevy's main window.

Posted by Patrick on February 23, 2010 at 3:00pm | 0 Comments
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