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Breevy: A text expander that lets you insert long words or phrases and launch apps, websites, and more just by typing abbreviations.
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Use your TextExpander snippets on Windows with Breevy

Yesterday, Breevy v2.40 was released. Lots of improvements were made, but one of the coolest (we think) is support for TextExpander snippet importing.

Prior to this new version, Breevy worked well as a Windows alternative to TextExpander... but if you wanted to use your existing TextExpander snippets with Breevy, you had to manually type each individual snippet into Breevy, a process that could literally take hours.

But with v2.40, available for download now, if you want to use your TextExpander snippets on Windows, you can just select File -> Import TextExpander Snippets in Breevy's main window, select the TextExpander snippet file you copied from your Mac to your Windows PC (the copying process is easy; for those who aren't sure how to do this, check out Breevy's help file or press F3 while in Breevy), and then you'll have your TE snippets imported instantly and ready for immediate use.

If you haven't already done so, download Breevy now and let us know how you like it. hahahah

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Breevy's new %(Input) macro...

... is really cool and useful, helps you get things typed even faster than before, and was just added in v2.35, released today.

The way it works is, when Breevy finds an %(Input) in the replacement text of an abbreviation, it will pause -- right in the middle of outputting the replacement text -- and wait for your input. After you're done typing your input, you can press the Tab key and Breevy will continue with the rest of the output.

For example, if you have a replacement text of Hello, my name is %(Input) and I live in %(Input)., Breevy would first output Hello, my name is (after you type the abbreviation associated with the replacement text, of course) and then it would wait for your input. Of course, in this case you would enter your name.

Then you'd press Tab to tell Breevy you're done. Breevy would then continue "typing" the rest of the replacement text until the next %(Input): and I live in. Once again it would pause and wait for your input... this time, you would want to enter your location. Press Tab again and Breevy continues with the output... in this case, just a period.

You can also optionally add identifiers to the %(Input) macro. For example, if you do something like %(Input e-mail address), Breevy would first output e-mail address, automatically select / highlight it, and then pause, allowing you to type your e-mail address (no need for you to manually delete the phrase e-mail address since if you type a key while text is highlighted, the highlighted text is removed).

The benefit to using identifiers in the %(Input) macro is, while they're not necessary, they make it easier to quickly remember what you're supposed to type at a certain point in the replacement text. hahahah

You can download Breevy here and try out the new macro for yourself. 8)

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