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Dropbox sync added to Breevy

Last Friday, Breevy 2.50 was released. One of the neat new features added is support for Dropbox sync.

If you have more than one computer with Breevy installed on it, you'll definitely like this Dropbox sync feature, because it allows you to use the same abbreviations on all of your computers without you having to do any work.

It's pretty simple to set up; just download and install Dropbox (free) on all of your computers, and then on each computer that Breevy is installed on, enable Dropbox sync in Breevy's Preferences.

From that point on, whenever you make changes to your abbreviations on one computer, those changes will automatically be applied on all of your other computers. Which means there's no manual work involved for you each time you make changes: no exporting, re-importing, etc. etc. Breevy handles that stuff for you automatically, in the background. 8)

And we didn't forget our TextExpander (Mac) users: TextExpander Dropbox sync support was added, too. With Dropbox sync enabled in TextExpander on your Mac and Dropbox sync enabled in Breevy (and sync mode set to TextExpander Compatible) on your Windows PC, any changes made to your snippets in TextExpander will be automatically sync'd into Breevy.

Also, first-time users who haven't imported their TextExpander snippets into Breevy yet can do so simply by enabling Dropbox sync in both TextExpander and Breevy. hahahah

You can download the latest version of Breevy -- which includes support for Dropbox sync -- here.

Posted by Patrick on April 12, 2010 at 12:52pm | 0 Comments
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