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Breevy: A text expander that lets you insert long words or phrases and launch apps, websites, and more just by typing abbreviations.
IcyScreen: Automatic screenshots. Have them saved, e-mailed, and uploaded.

Search improvements and more.

Breevy 3.23 was released yesterday. A few cool goodies in this release, including improvements to the main window's search box: in addition to now supporting basic boolean AND / OR / NOT searches (e.g., x AND y NOT z, or a OR b NOT c, etc.), by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the search field you'll gain access to a new context menu that lets you specify whether or not Breevy should search for the term(s) you specify in descriptions, abbreviations, replacements, subfolders, and/or disabled folders. You can download the newest version of Breevy here. 8)

Posted by Patrick on March 9, 2012 at 2:00pm | 0 Comments
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