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Cool new %(Input) / %(Fill) macro functionality in Breevy 3.17.

Breevy 3.17 was just released. New in this version is a useful improvement to the existing %(Input) macro: re-usable "variables" (optional, of course).

Perhaps the best way to explain how they work is with an example. Say you have an abbreviation mynameis, with the following replacement text:

Hello, my name is %(Input myName) and I live in %(Input country). I repeat: my name is %(Input myName) and I live in %(Input country).

(You could also use the %(Fill) macro in place of the %(Input) macro above, as both can now be used interchangeably.)

In the above example, after outputting the text preceding the first %(Input) macro, Breevy would pause and allow you to enter your first name, and then after you pressed Tab, it would continue expanding and then pause to allow you to enter the country you live in. After you pressed Tab again, however, whereas before Breevy would pause for you to enter your name and the country you lived in all over again the second time, in the new version there's no longer any need to re-enter your name and country again: Breevy "remembers" that you typed them earlier and will output them automatically for you, without pausing. 8)

Breevy's %(Input) variable "memory" is cleared after the abbreviation is finished expanding, so even if you were to type the same abbreviation again, you would have to re-enter your name and country -- but only once during the expansion, of course.

Also, the new functionality is optional; you can still just use the %(Input) or %(Fill) macros without variables/identifiers, like so:

Hello, my name is %(Input).

The new version can be downloaded here. Enjoy. hahahah

Posted by Patrick on January 13, 2011 at 6:02pm | 1 Comment
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  1. mate, on January 14, 2011 at 4:20pm, said:

    Great addition! Thanks

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