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Breevy: A text expander that lets you insert long words or phrases and launch apps, websites, and more just by typing abbreviations.
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Breevy 3.28

Breevy 3.28 was just released. This version adds the capability to import abbreviations from spreadsheets, which can make creating a large number of abbreviations at once more convenient.

To use the feature, just select File -> Import -> Import from Excel / Spreadsheet. 8)

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Search improvements and more.

Breevy 3.23 was released yesterday. A few cool goodies in this release, including improvements to the main window's search box: in addition to now supporting basic boolean AND / OR / NOT searches (e.g., x AND y NOT z, or a OR b NOT c, etc.), by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the search field you'll gain access to a new context menu that lets you specify whether or not Breevy should search for the term(s) you specify in descriptions, abbreviations, replacements, subfolders, and/or disabled folders. You can download the newest version of Breevy here. 8)

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Breevy 3.22

Breevy 3.22 was just released today, with several fixes and enhancements (including the ability to simulate a keypress of the Menu / Application key). You can download it from Breevy's main page here. As usual, hope you enjoy!

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Breevy's new %(Launch) macro...

Breevy 3.20 was released today, with a cool new macro added, %(Launch), which allows you to launch / open programs, files, and folders from within "regular", non-launcher abbreviations.

The ability to launch apps, files, and folders after typing an abbreviation has actually been available since almost the very beginning; however, prior to this version of Breevy, you could only launch things by creating a separate launcher abbreviation for each app, file, or folder you wanted to launch. In other words, for each separate launcher abbreviation, only one thing (program, file, folder, or website) could be launched, and no text could be outputted by Breevy prior to or after the launch since it wasn't a text abbreviation. Which is perfectly fine if you only want or need to launch one thing.

However, what's cool about the new %(Launch) macro is you can use it to launch multiple things all from within a single, non-launcher (text) abbreviation.

For example, say you wanted to have Notepad and Firefox launch whenever you typed a certain abbreviation (such as .lnch). To do this, just click New Abbreviation in Breevy, set the abbreviation to .lnch, and set the abbreviation's replacement text to:

%(Launch "C:\Windows\notepad.exe")%(Launch "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe")

...and the next time you type .lnch, both Notepad and Firefox will launch automatically.

Not only that, but the %(Launch) macro allows for powerful scripted interaction between programs, as you can instruct Breevy to interact with the programs you launch by outputting text, simulating special key presses with the %(Key) macro, and so on.

As an example (Note: You'll need to enable the Continue outputting replacement text even if active window changes in Breevy's Preferences -> Cool Stuff in order for the examples below to work), the following replacement text instructs Breevy to launch the Windows calculator, wait one second for it to load, and then enter a simple calculation into the calculator and have it show the result (700):

%(Launch "C:\Windows\system32\calc.exe")%(Delay 1s)5+4-2*100=

As another example, the following replacement text instructs Breevy to launch Notepad, wait one second for it to fully load, and then enter the text "Hello, world! This text is being typed in Notepad." into it. It then instructs Breevy to save the file (by simulating a Ctrl+S key press) to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\file.txt (replace with the path to the documents folder on your system if you want to try it out yourself). Finally, it instructs Breevy to open that newly created file in Firefox by passing the full file path as a parameter to Firefox's executable:

%(Launch "C:\Windows\notepad.exe")%(Delay 1s)Hello, world! This text is being typed in Notepad.%(Key Ctrl+S)%(Delay 1s)C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\file.txt%(Delay 200ms)%(Key Enter)%(Launch "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -parameters "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\file.txt")

Pretty cool, isn't it? 8)

For more info on the %(Launch) macro, check out Breevy's help file. Also, a little tip: the easiest way to enter the %(Launch) macro's syntax is to click the blue arrow next to the Replacement Text box of your abbreviation and select Launch a program if you want a program to be launched, or Launch a file or folder if you'd like a file or folder to be launched/opened. A dialog will then appear allowing you to quickly browse for the program, file, or folder path to launch as well as configure the other available options. After clicking OK, the correct syntax for the macro will then be inserted for you into the Replacement Text box automatically.

You can download the latest version of Breevy from our website here.


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Abbreviation embedding / nesting in Breevy 3.18.

New in Breevy 3.18 is the ability to "embed" abbreviations within another, using the %(Abbreviation) -- or %(Abbrev) for short -- macro.

For example, say you have an abbreviation, myname, with the replacement text John Doe (or whatever your name is).

You can then have another abbreviation, for example ggreet, with the following replacement text:

Howdy, my name is %(Abbrev myname). How's it going?

Which Breevy would expand to (assuming the abbreviation myname's replacement text is set to John Doe): Howdy, my name is John Doe. How's it going?

Instead of %(Abbreviation) or %(Abbrev), you can also use %snippet% -- which is the syntax used in TextExpander -- and it'll work exactly the same.

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