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Use your TextExpander snippets on Windows with Breevy

Yesterday, Breevy v2.40 was released. Lots of improvements were made, but one of the coolest (we think) is support for TextExpander snippet importing.

Prior to this new version, Breevy worked well as a Windows alternative to TextExpander... but if you wanted to use your existing TextExpander snippets with Breevy, you had to manually type each individual snippet into Breevy, a process that could literally take hours.

But with v2.40, available for download now, if you want to use your TextExpander snippets on Windows, you can just select File -> Import TextExpander Snippets in Breevy's main window, select the TextExpander snippet file you copied from your Mac to your Windows PC (the copying process is easy; for those who aren't sure how to do this, check out Breevy's help file or press F3 while in Breevy), and then you'll have your TE snippets imported instantly and ready for immediate use.

If you haven't already done so, download Breevy now and let us know how you like it. hahahah

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