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Thank you for downloading Breevy.

Current Version: 4.09, released 9/15/23 (changes)

We hope you enjoy using our program.

If you ever need help, or have a question or suggestion (such as a feature request) regarding Breevy, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail, post a message on our forums, or contact us from within the program. We love hearing from our users!

Looking for the portable version of Breevy (for USB flash drives)?

PortableApps.com users: Download BreevyPortable.paf.exe and either extract it to your PortableApps directory, or install it through the PortableApps menu (Options -> Install a New App -> Browse for BreevyPortable.paf.exe). You can then run Breevy by selecting Breevy Portable in your PortableApps menu.

Other users: Download BreevyPortable.zip and extract it to your USB flash drive. You can then run Breevy by double-clicking the BreevyPortable.exe file on your flash drive.

Want to purchase Breevy immediately?

If you haven't purchased a license already, you can do so now and have your license key e-mailed to you by the time Breevy is finished downloading.

Of course, it's not necessary that you purchase a license immediately; you are free to try Breevy for 30 days without having to purchase a license.

Looking for an automatic screenshot taker?

Check out one of our other programs, IcyScreen. It can save screenshots to disk, upload them to the internet, and e-mail them too.