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Download Breevy Portable (for use on USB flash drives)

Current Version: 8.07, released 2/20/24 (changes)

Breevy Portable Download / Installation Instructions

PortableApps.com users:

  • Download BreevyPortable.paf.exe.

  • Either extract the downloaded file to your PortableApps directory, or install it through the PortableApps menu (Options -> Install a New App -> Browse for BreevyPortable.paf.exe).

  • Run Breevy by selecting Breevy Portable in your PortableApps menu.

Other users (those who do not use the PortableApps.com Platform):

  • Download BreevyPortable.zip.

  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to your USB flash drive.

  • Run Breevy by double-clicking the BreevyPortable.exe file on your flash drive.

Want to install Breevy on your computer instead of your USB flash drive?

Click here to download the regular, non-portable Breevy installer instead.

We hope you enjoy using our program.

If you ever need help, or have a question or suggestion (such as a feature request) regarding Breevy, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail, post a message on our forums, or contact us from within the program. We love hearing from our users!