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Breevy's main window.

Breevy's main window.
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v8.18 - Free 14-Day Trial
Released 6/17/24 (changes)
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Breevy in action.

Extremely easy to use.

Works in any application.

Clean, logical, intuitive interface.

Fast and unobtrusive.

Import your TextExpander snippets.

Fully compatible with Dropbox.

Free support.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


While we like to call Breevy a text expander, you could also call Breevy a global AutoCorrect, AutoText, replace as you type, or text replacement software program.

Breevy comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Breevy Softonic Rating

Read what users are saying about Breevy...

I have been using [Breevy] for a couple of months now, and I love it. Used correctly, it will become one of the most essential pieces of software in your office. ... Breevy is fantastic. ... I guarantee, use it for a few weeks; you won't be able to pay for it fast enough. It's that good.

Michael Mortimer, Plaintiff Magazine (Click here to read the full review [PDF])

I love Breevy ... wish I had found it sooner. ... Thank you so much for your fantastic support, seriously, you've provided some of the best support I've ever had and I'll be recommending Breevy at every appropriate opportunity!

Chris White

I did want to share with you that after using Breevy for a while I am very impressed with it, and have found it to be an indispensable tool. I plan to purchase it when my trial is over; in fact I have already recommended it to a few of my co-workers. Keep up the good work!

James G.

I love Breevy. The sync is awesome. I work in tech support and it is a life saver when I am away from the Mac and TextExpander.

Nancy J.

I have to say I am extremely pleased with the software, and with the responsiveness of the developer.

Helge G.

I wanted to let you know that Breevy is a great piece of software ... I work in the software industry as a software tester so I am very particular about the software I actually purchase. Breevy fits my needs perfectly.

Mitch Kite

Thank you for your software.

Tim R.

I'm SO glad that I found Breevy. ... Thank you again for your professionalism, expertise, and friendly manner. It certainly goes a long way. I'll be using Breevy for years to come.

Michelle H.

It's saved me a ton of time. Best $30 I've spent in a long time.

Rob Hudson

Your program is awesome!

Steve L.

Having just done a lot of writing with the help of Breevy, I'm really impressed by its consistency ... I've used Breevy to set up a shorthand system of English words I use regularly (loosely based on EasyScript principles). The defined abbreviations (in the thousands) always--not sometimes--work, period. Thank you very much!


As a productivity guy and as a lecturer, I look for ways to help my co-workers and students be more efficient. ... During one of my training sessions with a customer service team, I showed a demo of Breevy, and it blew everyone away. ... Great work.

Michael Cruz

Really love it, makes life so much easier. ... My 16 year old was using my computer yesterday and he thought it was "hell cool".

Sue M.

I am really impressed with Breevy. I have put it to use and really tested it in my everyday working. It is as flexible as I could possibly wish, and really works quickly, with no noticeable lags or system loads. I also couldn't get the thing to crash, and I tried.

LJ, Simple Productivity Blog

The interface layout is very nicely done. Logical, concise and no superfluous crap. Just the way I like them.


TextExpander integration is a godsend! It is fantastic to be able to use my existing snippets on the work PC as well as on my home machine. Thanks a million for making Breevy.

Helge G.

This is going to be a great saver of time and frustration. ... I'll recommend it all over the place!

Hank Lotz

I've just purchased your wonderful, lightweight, and easy to use application.

Dirk W.

I really enjoyed using Breevy, and I actually still have it installed (usually I remove the apps once they are tested).

Niamh Lynch, Editor, Softonic.com

Very nice software... Thank you!


Breevy is a great program that stands to make you far more productive.

Elena Santos, Softonic.com

Love Breevy.

Polly K.

One of my co-workers is purchasing Breevy right now. She hasn't even finished the the trial period and already can't live without it. She is also impressed at how fast you respond to support/forum requests.

Mitch Kite

Download BreevyPurchase Breevy
v8.18 - Free 14-Day Trial
Released 6/17/24 (changes)
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee