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The main setting tab in IcyScreen. Click the X to close.

The main tab in IcyScreen's setting window.
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"IcyScreen is an awesome product and has been working flawlessly."

- Sean Laughlin, Record Timing - Sports Timing

"Absolutely love it, great program!"

- Cameron Field, www.cameronkfield.com

Reliable & Powerful.

Easy to configure and use.

Fast and unobtrusive.

Free updates and support.

Q: What's the difference between a screenshot and a screen capture?

A: Nothing. The terms screenshot, screen shot (two words), screen capture, screen grab, and even screenie can all be used interchangeably.

The ultimate automatic screenshot / screen capture software.

IcyScreen is an automatic screenshot taker / automatic screen capture program that can automatically save screenshots to disk, upload them to a web server via FTP, and e-mail them to an unlimited number of recipients, including yourself.

Simply tell IcyScreen how often you'd like it to take a screenshot, where you'd like it to save, upload, or e-mail each screenshot, optionally configure any of the many other useful features, and then press On. It's that simple!

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Document. Share. Keep track. So many uses.

... the possibilities are endless!

Features. Lots of features.

IcyScreen has enough features to satisfy even the most demanding of users, yet it's still easy to use.

Besides configuring exactly how often a screenshot should be taken and where the screenshot should be saved, e-mailed, and/or uploaded to, you can:

Customize nearly every single aspect of the screenshot, including:

  • The file and directory names -- you can include the date, time, and more in the name with format codes and timestamps
  • The dimensions -- leave each screenshot at its default size or have it resized automatically
  • The image format/quality -- supported formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF, and more.

Choose exactly what to take a screenshot of:

  • The entire screen -- IcyScreen supports multiple monitors, so you can even select which monitors to include in the screenshot, as well as the areas that are extracted from each monitor
  • The active window

Prevent screenshots from being taken if the computer has been inactive for a certain period of time, or if the screensaver is running

Prevent screenshots from being saved, e-mailed, or uploaded if the screen hasn't changed since the last screenshot was taken

Take advantage of the built-in multiple monitor support (see above)

Define a list of keywords that, when typed, "trigger" a screenshot, cause the timer interval to be adjusted, etc.

Enable audible and visual warnings, so you know exactly when a screenshot is about to be taken

Have each screenshot uploaded to your ImageShack account

Easily manage settings for multiple user accounts with the built-in central management capabilities

Use the Print Screen key as a hotkey to trigger a screenshot

Protect functionality with a password, prevent limited users from modifying the settings...

... and much, much more. Still think IcyScreen is missing a feature? Let us know about it. We're always looking to improve IcyScreen.

Check out the program screenshots to see everything that IcyScreen can do, or, better yet, download it now.

Download IcyScreen

Free updates. Free support.

Support and updates come free with IcyScreen. Also, we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

If you still need help after reading the program's comprehensive documentation, send us an e-mail, contact us through the Send a Message feature of the program, or post a message on our forums, and we'll respond as soon as possible.