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IcyScreen User Testimonials
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Below you'll find a list of testimonials from some of the customers who have purchased IcyScreen.

IcyScreen is an awesome product and has been working flawlessly.

- Sean Laughlin, Record Timing - Sports Timing
Great program by the way!

- David H.

Just wanted to let you know that we bought IcyScreen today. I only wish we had more uses for it than on this single workstation so we had a reason to buy more. ... Thanks once again for adding all those features I asked for. I'll be sure to tell people about IcyScreen.

- Andy Tiitto, TBayTel
I love it.

- Jason H.

I love your program, it has helped me out tremendously over the past few months.

- Sterling
It is a great and useful piece of software.

- G. Masi - Italy - www.virtualtelescope.eu

I wish I would get such great customer support for software I paid hundreds of dollars for. I'm really impressed.

- Michael M.
Absolutely love it, great program!

- Cameron Field
It's full of very useful options. ... I'm buying the software now.

- Eduardo Souto, STM Automacao Industrial
I must say that I am impressed with your application. It was just what I needed when I started to use it, and since then I've found many new ways to use it.

- Ivan B.
I like your program a lot... I like its ability to name files how I want, change the output file dimensions, and notice when I'm not actively working on something.

- Steve L.

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